Real Spirituality

The desire to lead a Spiritual life is decreasing now. Whereas in this tense and meaningless world we need it more than ever. because today people have a good lifestyle, yet life dose not have the enthusiasm than it should have. 

                 Today’s youth is moving away from religion because every religion’s interpretation of GOD is different. Therefore,this interpretation is not compatible with the logical thinking of today’s youth. 

                       If Spirituality is to harmonize with this advanced thinking, then the method of explaining them must also be next level. 

            So we begin our spiritual journey with science ,because more science is progressing in its field, the more humanity is moving away from religiosity. Science and religiosity are two opposite subjects, therefore,first of all, stop understanding God through the telescope of science. and secondly, the human mind can never imagine and understand the full nature of God .for example, an IOS app cannot be installed on a 2G phone. 

                 Anyone who is trying to understand God from the point of view of science is like that person who is download 100 GB game in pen drive and checking The load of that game on weighing machine. because this crazy man doesn’t know it’s not a sufficient tool for it.

          The earliest roots of our science can be traced to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia in around 3000 to 1200 BC. from the pyramids to Mars Mission journey our Science thinks God doesn’t Exist . but this argument is not correct because what we haven’t seen yet,that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. it means we don’t have enough resources or we are looking for it in wrong direction .

    For example if we want to see a microorganism , we have to look at it through the instrument microscope invented by science. if we remove the microscope,we can never see and study on a subtle object .similarly if we want to see God, than according to spirituality we have to do 


Spiritual life is like a Lotus flower

Lotus species has its own importance in the world of flowers. Lotus flowe r is  the symbolism of  purity, prosperity, beauty, and fertility. Because  of  its unique blooming  cycle,  the flower  demonstrates a metaphysical soul purpose of transition into purity. The Bhagavad Gita  considers it  a metaphor  for  detachment,  Just  as  the Lotus remains untouched by the muddy  water in which it grows,  human beings should rise above worldly attachments. This unique life path teaches us the way to pure illumination of consciousness.

It teaches us that along with beauty in the Spiritual world, it is also necessary to have the same qualities as a lotus flower. Only then will you be able to touch the feet of God


Which Religion is the correct one?

Every Religious person considers his religion above all other Religions .Because the faith and customs of every religion are different.  The difference in these inequalities of our religions is due to time and circumstances.  Despite all these differences! There is only One thing in common that God is one.

    The religious world is an adventure from my point of view.


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